Uganda - Best practices in the country

  • Urban Energy Technical Notes

Urban Energy Technical Notes have been developed and they provide guidelines some of the mandatory criteria that should be taken into consideration when constructing buildings. They cover essential design issues like building orientation, natural ventilation, natural lighting, sun shading and thermal comfort, materials among others.

  • Energy /Resource Efficiency Checklist

The checklist has been developed and serves as a technical note as a green building checklist for use by planning authorities, physical planning committees and building practitioners. The checklist gives professionals an idea of the impact a proposed project will have on the environment and promotes sustainable building practices. It covers issues like site planning, building orientation, passive design, renewable energy, water efficiency and environmental protection.

  • Promoting Energy Saving Tips

Posters with energy saving tips have been designed to give the public options of saving energy through basic interventions in their homes. The posters are being disseminated at Municipal and Town Council levels. Plans are also under way to disseminate them through media houses.

  • Training for Municipalities and Town Councils

A training exercise was held to train the technical staff of Municipal Councils on energy /resource efficiency practices in building design and implementation. Five districts of Jinja, Kamuli, Tororo, Iganga and Bugiri participated in the training. More urban areas will be taken through the same training.

  • Continuous Professional Development talks (CPDs)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses have been designed in collaboration with Uganda Society of Architects. Professionals like Architects, Designers, Contractors, Installers, and Physical Planners among others will be trained in modern and new building technologies.