Set of recommendations for EEBC

EEBC should address the energy and resource efficiency requirements for the design, materials, and equipment used in nearly all new conditioned construction, additions, renovations, and construction techniques.

Their requirements affect the overall energy and resource efficiency of any structure and can reduce the energy needed to maintain a healthy, comfortable, and fully functioning indoor environment as well as the resources consumed in building. EEBC should provide guidance, indications and technical characteristics for energy and resource efficiency in any typology of building. These measures should comprehend:

  • Passive design strategies according to the local climate: orientation, natural lighting, natural ventilation, passive cooling and heating, appropriate building materials, sun shading, openings and finishes.
  • Building Envelop: Technical characteristics, appropriate U-Values and Window to Wall ratios for Walls, ceiling, doors and windows according to the climatic zones in each country.
  • Building materials: requirements for appropriate local building materials
  • Prescriptions for energy efficient appliances: artificial lighting, artificial ventilation systems, artificial heating and cooling systems
  • Prescriptions for water efficient appliances: water recycling and reuse, rainwater harvesting, water efficient fixtures
  • Renewable energies applied to the built environment:
    • Electric power supply from renewable energies suitable for the built environment (solar and wind)
    • Solar Water-heating systems and equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions for other building facilities like
    • Sanitation Systems
    • Cooking fuel alternatives (e.g. biogas plants from organic waste)
  • Sewer treatment options at the building scale
  • Solid waste sorting and management provisions at the building scale
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage systems

More detailed guidelines can be found in the Guidelines for Energy and Resource Efficiency Building codes in Tropical Countries (link to be provided)


Sets of recommendations for East African countries:

Set of recommendations for EEBC. Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Set of recommendations for EEBC. Tanzania

Set of recommendations for EEBC. Burundi

Energy and Resource Efficiency Building Code for Tropical Countries: Guidelines (Final Draft)