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Green Materials Technical Notes Series: Bamboo Notes

Bamboo has long been used as a traditional building material, and is achieving increasing popularity due to its potential for environmental sustainability.

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Designing with the local climate: What you need to know

It is becoming increasingly common for all the modern buildings to be having a common aesthetic look. The only problem with this approach is that it takes no consideration of indoor thermal comfort.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 06 - Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are playing an increasingly important role in the generation of electricity (RES-E) as well as in the provision of other forms of end-use energy. About 50% of the total new capacity of electricity generation installed in 2010 came from RES (IEA 2011).

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 05 - Energy and Cost Savings - EE Appliances

Did you know that there is a worldwide trend towards energy efficient appliances and building materials? And did you know that growing awareness and appreciation of the environment is set to increase the demand for green buildings.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 04 - Natural Ventilation

Thermal comfort in the built environment is affected by air temperature and air movement. Ventilation, which is simply the removal of stale indoor air from a building and its replacement with fresh outside air, has a great impact on thermal comfort.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 03 - Sun Shading

The most significant factor affecting the built environment in the East Africa region is solar energy, which impacts on it throughout the year. The shapes of buildings and spaces have a great effect on indoor temperatures.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 02 - Climate and Architecture

The way buildings are planned and designed today has a direct implication on the energy consumption, hence they have a strong potential to negatively or positively impact two important elements of everyday life: our environment and energy bills.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 01 - Guidelines for Green Building Design

Over 70% of the world energy generation is consumed in human settlements, resulting in an emission of more than two thirds of CO2 that contributes to climate change.


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