Set of recommendations for EEBC


Energy and Resource Efficiency Building Code for Tropical Countries: Guidelines (Final Draft)

The building code, as a tool that interacts with the planning law, is a part of the authorities’ resources in order to guarantee the right to sustainable cities and safeguard a healthy and comfortable urban environment at the same time that adapting and providing valid solutions according to the

Efficacité énergétique des bâtiments - Proposition de norme

Dans le cadre d'un mandat attribué par le Programme des Nations unies pour les établissements humains (UN Habitat), ce document propose des mesures normatives ou règlementaires permettant de prendre en compte l'efficacité énergétique dans la planification du territoire, la conception et la constr

Draft Rules for Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Proposals for The United Republic of Tanzania

This report is one of the outcomes of a mandate of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme of Nairobi, asking to review existing building codes of East African countries, and propose resources efficiency measures. The review of Tanzanian documents is presented in another report.

Final Resources Efficiency and Conservation Measures for Buildings “RECM- Standard”

With rapid population growth, increasing urbanization and continued rural to urban migration, East African’s urban housing stock is increasing rapidly along with the demand for modern energy for domestic uses.

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