Training Workshops in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda

According to UN-Habitat “energy used in buildings accounts for a significant percentage of national energy consumption. What is more is that over 50 per cent of the total energy generated in developing countries is used in urban buildings alone, consuming more energy than the transport or the industrial sectors.

Architecture students receive technical input on designs from UN-Habitat

Nairobi, 8 September 2014: Architecture students from Kenya received comments on their latest designs from a technical team at UN-Habitat.

UN-Habitat Train Municipal Councils on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Buildings in Eastern Uganda

Electricity demand in housing in Uganda is rapidly growing and today the supply capacity is continually failing to keep up with this demand. Prices of electricity are also continually rising tremendously with continuous inefficiency in energy use. Sustainable Development and economic growth is thus very slow in the country.

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