Energy and Resource Efficiency Building Code for Tropical Countries: Guidelines (Final Draft)

The building code, as a tool that interacts with the planning law, is a part of the authorities’ resources in order to guarantee the right to sustainable cities and safeguard a healthy and comfortable urban environment at the same time that adapting and providing valid solutions according to the

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 10 - Key Strategies for Sustainable Building Designs in the Tropics

This document offers key strategies for sustainable building designs in the tropics, from site selection and building orientation and form to heating, choice of building materials and energy efficiency of appliances.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 09 - University Curriculum Development

The transition towards clean energy and sustainable use of resource calls upon all stakeholders across different sectors of the society for fundamental changes.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 08 - Passive Cooling

Passive cooling systems use nonmechanical methods to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and are a key factor in mitigating the impact of buildings on the environment.

Urban Energy Technical Note No. 07 - Energy and Resource Efficiency Checklist

The best opportunities for energy efficiency in buildings are at the design stage. Designing for energy efficiency reduces the overall demand for resources to generate energy.

Sustainable Building Design for Tropical Climates. Principles and Applications for Eastern Africa

.... The architect should be equipped with knowledge of many branches of study and varied kinds of learning, for it is by his judgement that all work done by the other arts is put to test.....

Rwanda - Clean Development Mechanism - Compact Fluorescent Lamp

The CDM CFL distribution project was conceived by the GoR through MININFRA, with ELECTROGAZ (the former electricity utility in Rwanda today REG) serving as the implementation agency, with the support of the World Bank Carbon Finance-Assist Program.

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Rwanda - Credit Line to Finance Green Energy Investment

Rwanda has launched officially on 10th October, 2014 the Fund for Environment and Climate Change, a ground breaking initiative and the biggest of its kind in Africa.

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Rwanda - SolaRwanda

In the context of stimulation the usage of renewable energy and energy efficiency equipments where they are the least cost and sustainable options, the Government of Rwanda has obtained a grant from the Global Environmental Facility Trust Fund (World Bank/GEF) of an amount of US$ 4.5 Million for

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Rwanda - Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013 – 2018

Rwanda is experiencing one of the most exciting and fastest periods of growth and socio-economic progress in its history. It was tenth fastest growing economy in the world during the decade from 2000. At the same time more than a million people have been lifted out of poverty.

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