Nairobi Sustainable Buildings Training Workshop July 2014

Nairobi, 14th July 2014. A group of building practitioners gathered at the Apollo Center in Nairobi, at the start of a special three day training, where they acquired skills to integrate sustainable design principles into architectural designs with a strong focus on energy efficient strategies for buildings. The training was held from 14th – 16th July 2014, and jointly organized by UN-HABITAT, Kenya Property Developers Association, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Architectural Association of Kenya, Kenya Green Building Society and Italy’s “Politecnico di Milano”.
The course is designed to address the emerging trend of developing healthier and smarter buildings by defining effective ways to utilize energy through introducing basic principles and tools on sustainable buildings design for use in Kenyan climates. The participants - comprising of architects, engineers and developers- also learned how to implement these principles through a hands on studio session aimed at showcasing strategies for incorporating energy efficiency into site planning, building design and construction.

Release date: 
Wednesday, July 16, 2014