Are you looking for technical advice on your building design to make it sustainable?
UN-Habitat provides technical advice on sustainable building design principles for new building design projects.
This service is available to East African governments' officials and the private sectors on request.
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Eng. Mr. Jerome-Fidele Habonimana
e-mail: h.jfidele@gmail.com
tel.: +257 795 660 63
Arc. Ruth Maina
e-mail: ruth.maina@unhabitat.org
tel.: +254 721 247 143
+254 762 6758
Arc. Ives Sangwa
e-mail: ives.sangwa@unhabitat.org
tel.: +250 7820 58 785
Dr. Fatma Mohamed
e-mail: tumakassim@hotmail.com
tel.: +255777333388
Arc. Goodman Kazoora
e-mail: goodman.kazoora@unhabitat.org
tel.: +256716005301
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A Guidebook to the Green Economy - Issue 3: Exploring Green Economy Policies and International Experience with National Strategies

In this paper, Issue 3 of A Guidebook to the Green Economy, the aim is to explore the range of policy measures that have been proposed under the 'green economy' label by experts and practitioners in recent publications as well as by several governments in recent national planning docume

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Thematic Fiche No. 09 - ACP-EU Energy Facility Projects with CDM Potential

This Thematic Fiche is looking into the possibility for projects under the ACP-EU Energy Facility to earn carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Source file: 

Thematic Fiche No. 08 - Sustainability II: Ownership and Community Involvement

The theme of this fiche is how to ensure project ownership in the communities of intervention. More specifically it focuses on how to ensure ownership and sustainability by involving communities in the different phases of energy projects.

Source file: 

Thematic Fiche No. 06 - Experiences on Setting up Public Private Partnerships for Energy Services

This thematic fiche seeks to describe the nature of these partnerships between the two sectors, which role they can play in creating access to energy services in rural and peri-urban areas, and project experiences under the Energy Facility.

Source file: 

Thematic Fiche No. 05 - Solar PV for Improving Rural Access to Electricity

The ACP-EU Energy Facility co-financing instrument aims to support projects in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries on increasing the access to sustainable energy in rural and peri-urban areas. The projects employ different technologies in their effort to increase the access to energy.

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