Are you looking for technical advice on your building design to make it sustainable?
UN-Habitat provides technical advice on sustainable building design principles for new building design projects.
This service is available to East African governments' officials and the private sectors on request.
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Eng. Mr. Jerome-Fidele Habonimana
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+254 762 6758
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Dr. Fatma Mohamed
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tel.: +255777333388
Arc. Goodman Kazoora
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tel.: +256716005301
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Urban Air Quality Policy and Management Background Paper for China Association of Mayors

This guideline serves as a sourcebook for decision makers and their advisers on the municipality level in the PR of China. It is a technical support for their policies and management of urban air quality.

Source file: 

Integrated Urban Energy Systems: Elements of Resources Saving Economy in China

Based on the Sino-German urban environment & energy system cooperation project, Doctor Suding, Director of Beijing Office of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), has studied the most prominent problems in China's urban energy planning and management.

Source file: 

Use the Carrot as well as the Stick - How to increase efficiency of energy and resources in the urban construction sector of the PR China

Dr. Suding, division director for environmental protection and energy management of GTZ China, giving strong support to Sino-German technical cooperation, has studied in depth the Chinese energy efficiency.

Source file: 

Sustainable Transport: A Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities. Module 4d: Natural Gas Vehicles

The Decision Maker's Guide to Natural Gas Vehicles is a European Commission-funded project that is a companion document to the Natural Gas Vehicles Equipment Guide.

Source file: 

Transport in Developing Countries: Renewable Energy or Energy Reduction?

Renewables 2004 Conference - Side Event
Table of Contents:
- GTZ Policy on Renewable Energies in Transport in Developing Countries
- The Limits of Technology: Achieving Transport Efficiency in Developing Nations

Source file: 

Energy-policy Framework Conditions for Electricity Markets and Renewable Energies - 21 Country Analyses

One of the aims of this third, updated and expanded edition of the study – under a new title – is to facilitate entry into the field of renewable energy.

Source file: 

Proklima: Garder son sang-froid

Doit-on envisager un droit à disposer d'un réfrigérateur et d'un climatiseur, comme il existe un droit au chauffage ?

Source file: 

Foyers en Images - Une documentation sur les foyers améliorés et traditionnels en Afrique, Asie et Amérique Latine

Foyers en Images propose une multitude d'informations sur l'énergie domestique et sur l'utilisation des foyers en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique Latine.

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