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Wood Energy: renewable, profitable, and modern - A collection of talking points for lobbyists

Modernization of the wood energy value chain in developing countries needs to be matched with progressive policies to foster the potential of biomass for poverty alleviation and sustainable rural development.

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Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Guide For Policy-Makers And Energy Planners

The Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) initiative aims to build awareness of biomass as Africa's main source of primary energy and to highlight its relevance to poverty alleviation efforts, especially among decision-makers at policy level.

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What difference can a PicoPV system make? Early findings on small Photovoltaic systems - an emerging lowcost energy technology for developing countries

Due to the highly site-specific nature of all other renewable power sources, solar powered off-grid options are the only economically viable option for all dispersed users in LCDs today. Yet, currently available

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Gender and Infrastructure

What do poorly lit bus stops, user manuals for stoves, and water kiosks have to do with gender equality, you may ask.
Good question! In this fact sheet we will explain how gender equality is linked to GTZ's infrastructure projects.

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TERNA Wind Energy Programme 1997-2009 - Impact Report

Many developing countries and emerging economies have substantial unexploited wind energy potential. In many locations, generating electricity from wind energy offers a cost-effective alternative to thermal power stations.

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Solar Lanterns Test: Shades of Light

Today, more than 1.5 billion people in Africa, Asia and Latin America live without the benefits of electricity.

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Cost trends of Renewable Energy Technologies for the Power Generation

Unlike conventional power plants, whose electricity generation costs have become dominated by fuel costs (with the exception of nuclear power), the key aspects determining the costs of renewable systems are their investment cost and natural resource availability – such as solar irradiation, the w

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Low-carbon, cost-efficient, cosy - Efficient lighting for public buildings

First there was just sunlight, then naked flames in the form of fires, torches and candles. Today electricity provides light wherever it is needed – at any hour of the day or night.

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Renewables 2011 - Global Status Report

Today, more people than ever before derive energy from renewables as capacity continues to grow, prices continue to fall, and shares of global energy continue to increase.

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