Burundi - Country’s vision on EE & environmental issues

  • Vision on efficient energy:

    Access to reliable and affordable energy remains a central challenge to socio-economic development efforts. Burundi has two projects to produce energy on the Mulembre and JIJI Rivers which will produce about 50 MW.

    In this context, most countries in the region are planning to increase their use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and services as part of their efforts to improve energy access and security, especially reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Adaptation and management of climate risks: 

    The climate change will worsen food insecurity for the whole population of Burundi especially the population living in strong water deficit with serious consequences on vulnerable people. In order to address that issue, Burundi is committed to: 

    Initiate ground breaking techniques in the agricultural system by building hydraulic infrastructure and by harnessing irrigated areas in regions facing water deficit, by disseminating and popularizing in rural households the techniques of harvesting rainwater and their utilization in agriculture and at home, and by enhancing the small irrigation in hills.