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UN-Habitat provides technical advice on sustainable building design principles for new building design projects.
This service is available to East African governments' officials and the private sectors on request.
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Geothermal Exploration Best Practices: A Guide to Resource Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation for Geothermal Projects

This guide provides potential developers with an outline of the various methodologies and strategies employed in the exploration for geothermal resources for power generation.

Source file: 

Success of Geothermal Wells: A Global Study

Geothermal power plants harness the earth's heat to generate electricity. Geothermal energy is a low-carbon, reliable, renewable energy source that has been in use for over 100 years.

Source file: 

Executive Summary: Co-Benefits to Health of Climate Change Mitigation - Household Energy Sector in Developing Countries

Many strategies to reduce climate change have large, immediate health benefits, while others may pose health risks or tradeoffs. Examined systematically, a powerful new dimension of measures to address climate change emerges. 

Source file: 

Fuel for Life: Household Energy and Health

Energy is essential to meet our most basic needs: cooking, boiling water, lighting and heating. It is also a prerequisite for good health – a reality that has been largely ignored by the world community.  

Source file: 

First Status Report on Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture in Africa: Growing Greener Cities in Africa

Africa's urban population is growing faster than that of any other region. By the end of the current decade, 24 of the world's 30 fastest growing cities will be African.

Source file: 

WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Selected Pollutants

This document presents WHO guidelines for the protection of public health from health risks due to a number of chemicals commonly present in indoor air.

Source file: 

Special Report: Patrimonio Hoy: Low-Income Housing that Improves Quality of Life

ADEQUATE HOUSING is a basic human right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet, like many other human rights, not everyone has experienced it.Mexico faces a severe housing shortage that affects the daily lives of more than 20 million people.

Source file: 

Kinawataka Market Facility

Community members of Kinawataka, a slum in Kampala, took it upon themselves to upgrade the living standards in their neighbourhood. In the process, they formed a federation, enlisted members who worked and saved together to achieve their common goals.  

Source file: 

Bioenergy Policy Review in Tanzania: Policy Brief, No. 4, June 2010

This report is a result of review work done on policies, laws and strategies related to bio-energy. It also combines a review from other research work locally and internationally. The major findings are that most of the current policies are silent on the bio-energy sector.

Source file: 


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